2 Songs, 9 Minutes


About Zaïko Langa Langa

ZLL is one of the key groups of the Congolese New Wave: a nebulous coalition of up to 20 musicians who have thoroughly updated soukous by infusing it with an almost electric energy. Their key innovation has been to remove the horn section that had until recently defined Congolese music. The result is a much raunchier and more youthful sound. ZLL -- the name is a contraction of Zaire of Our Elders -- has spawned a veritable family of offspings, the so-called "Clan Langa Langa," including Papa Wemba, Bozi Boizana, and the groups Zaiko, WaWa, Langa Langa Stars, Choc Stars, Anti-Choc, and many more. ~ Leon Jackson and Myles Boisen