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Australian multi-instrumentalist Nic Dalton formed the guitar pop outfit Godstar following the demise of his more punk-styled Canberra band the Plunderers. Adopting a revolving door policy on members Godstar released two EPs before issuing their debut album Sleeper. After several more EPs and singles, the group's second album, Coastal, was a more diverse affair conceived while Dalton traveled the world as bassist for the Lemonheads. After leaving the Lemonheads to concentrate on his own project, Dalton toured the album in his native Australia before deciding to end the band in 1996, issuing the group's final album, September, in 1997 under the moniker the Godstar Reminder. Following the amicable split in 1991 of power punk Canberra outfit the Plunderers (and their many pseudonyms including Hippy Dribble and Captain Denim), Nic Dalton decided to form a more pop-oriented outfit and roped in a number of musical friends, many from other bands, including Tom Morgan and Alison Galloway from Smudge. Consequently, the group has always had something of a revolving lineup with Dalton often acting as the sole consistent member. In 1992, the band released their debut EP, The Brightest Star, with the vinyl version featuring the Dalton composition "Kitchen," which was covered by the Lemonheads on their It's A Shame About Ray album. Dalton was in the midst of preparing Godstar's debut album, Sleeper, when he was offered, and accepted, the position as touring bassist for a revamped Lemonheads. The Sleeper album was eventually recorded with Lou Giordano and released in 1993. The follow-up Godstar album, Coastal, was conceived and recorded in a variety of locations while Dalton was touring the world. Consequently the album featured a much broader range of styles and performers than its predecessor, with guests including members of the Lemonheads, Fuzzy, and the Hummingbirds. In late 1994, Dalton left the Lemonheads to concentrate on other projects; including his own bookstore and record label Half A Cow, and a touring version of Godstar featuring Alison Galloway from Smudge on drums, Tom Morgan from Smudge on guitar, Robyn St. Clare from the Hummingbirds on bass, and Dalton on guitar and lead vocals. This foursome also released the 7" Four Seventy EP in 1994 on the small U.S. label Bus Stop Records. The EP featured four tracks, with each bandmember contributing one song. The second Godstar album Coastal was released in 1995 by Half A Cow Records. In late 1996, Dalton decided to retire Godstar so he could devote more time to other projects, including the still-thriving Half A Cow Records. A final Godstar album, September, featuring unreleased live recordings from 1993 plus EP tracks and other rarities, was released in 1997 and credited to the Godstar Reminder. Dalton's latest project, the Kombi Nation, released their debut single in 1998. ~ Nick Corr


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