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Kiss you under the camel toe

Percival Mulesworth,

A truly beautiful album that rewards the discerning listener with the christmas feel good factor. It is destined to become a Christmas classic and there is no doubt in my mind that in years to come Kunt will be revered like Bing Crosby in the festive season.
This epic work will be responsible for the phasing out of mistletoe as it will become the norm to do all christmas kissing under the camel toe.
I am now looking forward to what promises to be the best christmas yet, sitting down to christmas dinner with the in-laws, while I have this album on.

Kuntish Christmas Classic!

Kenneth Barlow,

Loaded from start to finish with christmas cheer! Nothing could make you feel more festive than Kunt and the Gang's Kiss You Under The Camel Toe. Highlights include the beutiful homage to Raymond Briggs "The Snowman" in the track "Have You Seen My Snowman". Last years classic, You Horrible Man You Killed a Kid at Christmas reminds us all that although its the holiday season wi still shouldn't get in the car after 12 pints and some jagerbombs. The clolsing track, Jesus (Baby with a Beard) is the most lovingly crafted nativity tale in many years, telling the true story of gods quest for a beutiful virgin chuff. A true christmas classic through anf through.

I hope you all have a Kuntish Christmas!

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