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Customer Reviews

Fresh singer, fresh sound

Maxxie. Leo,

Most of you will know this girl for her singles "Ooh La La", "Girl I Told Ya" and her various appearances on the TV screen such as the loveable (and hungry haha) Krystal from sitcom "Freddie" and the minx Wendy from Ashton Kutcher's "Just Married". Well now she is all grown up and I can say this with confidence... Valeria Andrews' debut album "Freshly Squeezed" is one for the ages. A fresh take on Dance/Pop/Urban sounds that will echo through Interscope history. In the many years that this amazing girl has worked on this album, she has successfully made and all killer, no filler album. "Bubblegum"- Already memorable, Bubblegum is a very catchy syth heavy Dancey/Urban sounding track that everybody can find a favourite in. "Lola"- A track co-written by Valeria's label mate, the chart topping vixen Lady GaGa. This song envokes an almost high school naughtiness about it which makes the song all the better. A catchy cheerleading chant reels you in and the seductive dance sounds stick you in the middle of it. "Rich & Famous"- One of Valeria's best, Reggae style beats start off this killer track, Valeria's sexy and seductive voice makes you want to sing with her and the chorus gives us a pounding Electro sound that will have everybody dancing to it over and over again. "2 Camcorders & A Microphone"- A fun little track which you can call Valeria's personal blend of "Cha Cha Slide" for it's dance instructions and one of Britney's amusingly tongue-in-cheek songs such as "If U Seek Amy" or "Lace And Leather". Very cute & catchy lil number that everyone will be singing along to in no time at all. "Dancin' Shoes"- Despite loving the entirety of the album, this is one of my personal faves. Valeria switches up her sound a little bit in this stunner to a more R&B influenced sound that suits her sexy voice perfectly. Think a blend of Brooke Hogan/Usher/Britney Spears. "That Motion"- Similar to "Dancin' Shoes", another seductive R&B track, with a more of a Janet Jackson feel about it with the use of a panflute to give it a minor Middle Eastern flava. "Been So Long"- The ballad of the album, Valeria puts alot more emotion into her vocals for this gorgeous number. And when it comes to making this ballad, she doesn't fool around, she makes it last the amount of time ballads were meant to last. Well done girl!!! "Lights, Camera, Action"- Valeria hits the dancefloor again with a more of a disco theme this time around with traces of her pounding synth beats, think Kylie and british singer Nadia Oh. Perfect for a saturday night with your best friends. "I Got A Boyfriend"- Now Valeria brings out her schoolgirl side again, but in a more amusing and bitchy way (Bitchy being the good kind) for this amazingly catchy Dancey/Urban song, think "Lola" with more fire. "Hot 4 U"- Again, Valeria mixes up her sound to give this song a bit of a Club theme, only this song has naughty lyrics and sexy vocals as opposed to the trashy Robot sounds you often hear in this genre. Another job well done Valeria, you have trounced many of the club performers out there with just one song. "Azucar"- I remember first listening to this song about a year ago and loving it. Valeria unleashes her Latin sound upon us for the first time since "Ooh La La" and she doesn't disappoint, think "Livin' La Vida Loca" with a lot less cheese and a catchier hook. "Dance Boogie"- Valeria closes the album with an almost Pussycat Doll influence, the blend of sexy R&B and Dance that never fails to entertain. Brilliant way to close the album. All the disappointment that Valeria has faced in the past year, has finally paid off, from working with some of the top producers in the world to making so many fans, she will be around for many years to come & after listening to this album I can't understand why Interscope hasn't put more effort into promoting her when she put her blood, sweat and tears into creating this amazing debut. Valeria, congratulations, it's finally here!!!

About Valeria

A dance-pop vocalist, actress, and songwriter, Valeria's career breakthrough came in 2007 thanks to the television series Gossip Girl and some possibly provocative lyrics. She was born Valeria Andrews in Australia where she appeared in productions of the opera Falstaff plus the musical Annie. With her father completely infatuated with Hollywood, Valeria landed in California at the age of 11, but a couple years later an illness would force dad back home. Committed to becoming a star, Valeria stayed and became a ward of the court. At the age of 15 she appeared in Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg and co-wrote the song "Pay Attention" for the soundtrack. Two soundtrack appearances -- her cover version of "Rhythm of the Night" for Moulin Rogue and her original composition "Ooh La La" for Legally Blonde -- would come six years later while television roles on the PBS series American Family plus the George Lopez show would help pay the bills. After appearing in the 2003 film Just Married and frequently flying to Kyoto, Japan for a four shows a night/six days a week gig, she caught the attention of Interscope records and music mogul Jimmy Iovine. Signed to the label, her first single was "Girl I Told Ya" with Paradiso Girls member Aria. The song was inspired by support from female fans, but with lyrics like "Daddy she's sleeping over" over a sexy, '80s-styled backing track, it became a massive hit in gay dance clubs. As it was being featured on an episode of Gossip Girl, Valeria announced she was working on her debut album with a planned release in 2008. ~ David Jeffries

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