7 Songs, 28 Minutes


About 69

By 1995, Carl Craig had gained status as one of the world's top techno producers. His recordings as 69 -- consisting of a scant three EPs -- were among the most inspired and influential in his entire discography. The 1991 Planet E entry 4 Jazz Funk Classics, along with Sound on Sound and Lite Music from three years later, contained classics like "If Mojo Was AM," "Jam the Box," "My Machines" and "Microlovr" represented intense works of electro-distortion and a certain amount of classic groove. Though 4 Jazz Funk Classics remained unavailable on CD, R&S Records reissued the latter two EPs as The Sound of Music in 1995. [See Also: Carl Craig, Innerzone Orchestra, Paperclip People, Psyche/BFC] ~ John Bush