6 Songs, 22 Minutes


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Amazing singer/songwriter


Stunningly beautiful written and sung.

Outstanding lyrics, relaxing music


Graeme Clark just gets better and better! There’s never been any doubt of his songwriting ability, with him having written many of Wet Wet Wet’s most notable hits.
This EP is the latest in a 7-year solo career, and there is no shortage of stunning music here.
The opener, “Fall To Pieces” is an emotional song, with lyrics that tug at your heartstrings. This song is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, for me anyway.
“Ghost” is another stand out track for me, which is incredible live.
A great EP, and a brilliant live artist.
Well done Graeme! ❤️



Graeme Clark wrote many of his band Wet Wet Wet’s greatest hits and now here is his latest release. Radio Silence has been eagerly anticipated and Graeme showcases his talents in this beautiful collection of songs. All stir up emotions and treat the listener to a pull of the heartstrings as well as being relaxing to listen to at the same time. A personal highlight of the EP is definitely Ghost, closely followed by Fall To Pieces. Highly recommended.

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