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Krieg are an American black metal band hailing from Somers Point, NJ, and were founded in 1995 by erstwhile Imperial leader Neill Jameson, whose alias also happens to be Lord Imperial. From day one, Imperial and his ever-changing cast of collaborators and bandmates have championed the rawest form of low-fidelity black metal inspired by the likes of Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, and early Mayhem, infusing Krieg's late-‘90s demos with so-called "blacknoise." The group's full-length debut album, Rise of the Imperial Hordes, appeared in 1998 and kicked off a prolific career marked by a flurry of demos, EPs, split releases, and a few additional albums like 2002's Destruction Ritual, 2004's The Black House, 2005's Sono lo Scherno, and 2006's Blue Miasma. Notably, Krieg also toured the U.S. and even Europe with some regularity (unlike many of America's most influential, but studio-bound, black metal bands of the era), and Imperial could only stay away for a short while when he briefly broke up the band in 2007, duly returning to action with 2010's The Isolationist album. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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