10 Songs, 39 Minutes


About The Penny Black Remedy

Formed in London, England, in the late 2000s by Scottish singer/songwriter/guitarist Keith M. Thomson, eclectic multinational indie rock outfit the Penny Black Remedy came together out of a shared love of all things country, punk, ska, and Balkan folk. Consisting of Edinburgh native Thomson, classically trained Croatian vocalist/percussionist Marijana Hajdarhodzic, English bassist Steve Nelson, and Dutch drummer Wilco van Eijk, the band has a penchant for bawdy humor, high-energy genre-bending musicality, and marathon drinking sessions, drawing comparisons to everyone from Gogol Bordello and Nick Cave to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and resulting in a loyal following both at home and abroad. The group’s debut album, No One’s Fault But Your Own, was released in 2009 on the band’s own Soundinistas label.

London, England