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4.7 out of 5
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61 Ratings
G - Manchester ,

Sasha mixing the future - Invol2ver

An absolute delight.....it has taken some time for me to have a mix/podcast/album on repeat. It brings something new everytime I listen to it, different sounds and layers that just build from the outset. Sasha again has favoured artists he has previously mixed or playlisted.....Badger, Apparat, Charlie May and of course M83....another standout tune like the one he remixed for his 'Essential' mix back in 2005. There are some great use of vocals on Invol2ver, more than Involver, which definitely adds to the overall atmosphere and build of the album..... the highlight for me is M83's 'Couleurs' and Thom Yorke's 'The Eraser', they just work so well together.....a true 'hairs standing up on the back of the neck moment'. Purchase and enjoy on repeat again and again.

fundacion ,

a master2piece...

He's gone and done it again, against all the odds. I thought he'd struggle to repeat the class and originality of involver but I should of known better. He's simply surpassed it! If you DON'T like or appreciate this album now then you probably will in about 1-2 years time, like alot of my friends did with the first involver album. I firmly believe that Sasha's playing and producing the sounds of 2010 and beyond NOW and that's the biggest accolade I can give this guy. He's streets ahead of the competion, always has been and on this form always will be! The trick is to listen to the album from start to finish, i.e.not skipping tracks. It's a musical landscape with ups, downs and bridging tracks all interlaced leading to the grand finale and probably best track 'Sometimes I realise' by Engineers. Listen to the full album with no interuptions and this track will sound even better!...

Patience is a virtue...

Thanks Sasha.

jonnytheboy ,

He's changed a bit...

I used to follow this chap around in 89/90, fresh faced and in awe.

I have to admit that what I'd heard of him in the last few years left me a bit bemused. It didn't seem to have any soul.

This has made it all make sense. It's superb.

I've had it on rotation whilst grafting away for about a week now - I usually listen to Alt-Country / Folk / Chilled when I'm working. This is getting better and better with every listen. I was actually asked to turn it down by my neighbors last night (first time in the 5 years I've been here). My brother (who bought it after an excited call from me) is stopping himself from playing it too much because he's worried he's becoming obsessed. I could babble on...

I thought he'd peaked with the first Northern Exposure. I was very, very wrong.

Buy it. Turn it up loud. Give it a chance. Fall in love with Sasha again.

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