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About Nina Gerber

A fixture on the West Coast folk and acoustic music scene, Gerber is rarely in the spotlight because she doesn't sing, but those who know her, know her as the pre-eminent accompanist for folk, acoustic, and Americana artists touring California. Gerber's guitar has backed up artists ranging from Jerry Jeff Walker to Ferron to Queen Ida to Barbara Higbie. She possesses both an awesome, crystal tone as well as tasteful, melodic fills and solos, always phrased perfectly.

Gerber got her start when, as a high school student, she saw the late folksinger Kate Wolf perform in 1975. From there, Gerber set out to become not just a musician, but specifically Kate Wolf's accompanying musician. She took lessons from Wolf's husband Don Coffin, who was Wolf's regular accompanist. When he couldn't make some gigs, Gerber stepped in and soon became Wolf's right-hand woman. After Wolf passed away in 1986, Gerber inherited Wolf's custom-made spruce-and-Koa guitar, with which she still performs. After years of backing others, Gerber finally stepped out on her own with 2001's Not Before Noon. Though it may not establish her as a solo artist in her own right, it was yet another specimen of Gerber's exquisite taste, tone, and style. ~ Scott Cooper

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