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Pittsburgh natives Hurl started out as a trio back in the summer of 1991. Guitarist/singer Matt Daly was the leader of the band, which also included guitarist/bassist Matt Jenick (also a member of the band Don Caballero) and a percussionist whose name has been forgotten over time. Their sound was high-energy, guitar-driven alternative/punk, and was expressed through a series of singles. Soon after, another guitarist (Dan Wilson) was added to make their sound even denser. The more conventional drum stylings of Noah Leger (who has also played with the Speaking Canaries) replaced Hurl's percussionist, solidifying the present-day Hurl lineup. Leger's presence signaled a much more powerful, upfront sound, as evidenced on their debut for Third Gear, A Place Called Today. The album was a delight for fans of tough (and sometimes dreamy) alt-rock, and was produced by Shellac member Bob Weston. Hurl embarked on a club tour soon after the album's release. We Are Quiet followed in 1998, and the following year, Not a Memory appeared. ~ Greg Prato

    Pittsburgh, PA

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