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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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Life and soul


Brilliant and lively performance by Mr Eastop. Full of life and energy. The Orchestra and Eroica Quartet are an equal match too- plenty of spirit. Hard not to mention the cadenzas, they are virtuosic in the extreme, a real testament to what can be achieved on the natural horn. An absolute pleasure to listen too. Highly recommended.

Just delightful, but more than that.


I'm sure that most purchasers of theis disc will be familiar with one or two of the concerti on this disc, although perhaps a smaller number of people will now the ones that are less popular, and probably even fewer listeners will know the Horn Quintet.
The playing on this disc is remarkable, from both soloist and accompanying players. A large share of the credit should also go to Anthony Halstead, who conducted (wonderfully) and, together with Zachary Eastop, contributed a succesful ending to Concerto No. 2.
The delightful quirks of the natural horn are turned to advantage rather than just being an unfortunate hindrance, and the cadenzas alone are worth the price of the recording. I wonder if anything close to this was achieved in Mozart's day. A riveting disc.

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