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Nothing Means Everything - Review


This album has a real edge about it, its lively and catchy. It's a grower so i reccomend you keep listening. The Panic - 7 Waiting For Go - 10 Stitches - 9 Clean Up Your Eyes - 9.5 Pick You Up - 10 New Ideas - 8.5 In & Out - 8.5 Things You Cannot See - 10 Symptoms - 9 Lose Ourselves - 7.5 Feels Like Sleep - 7.5


The Hen.,

Ive followd this band for a while now and this debut album is the best ive bought in ages soo you need to get it.starts of amazingly with The Panic has the awsome Pick You Up and ends beautifully with Feels Like Sleep.hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

About The Dykeenies

Taking their name from a bit of dialogue from the fantasy film Willow (spelled "daikinis," the word referred to unusually tall people), Scotland's the Dykeenies hail from Cumbernauld, a town near Glasgow. The group was formed by vocalist Brian Henderson (who doubles on keyboards) and his brother, lead guitarist Alan Henderson, in the summer of 2005. Writing songs that reflected an arty but enthusiastic fusion of pop, rock, and electronic accents, Brian and Alan recruited their brother Andrew Henderson to play bass in the new band, and rounded out the lineup with two longtime friends, Steven Ramsay on guitar and John Kerr on drums. After cutting their teeth playing small gigs around Glasgow, the Dykeenies got their first big break when they won the Your Sound competition at Glasgow's celebrated rock venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, and in July 2006 they released a single through the fledging King Tut's Recordings, a label launched by the club's management to showcase new artists. Lavolta Records signed the band to a contract, and the Dykeenies' first release for the label, a four-song EP, arrived in time for their appearance on the NME Rock 'n' Roll Riot tour, a package show also featuring the Horrors, the Fratellis, and the Maccabees. After extensive gigging in Scotland and Britain, the Dykeenies issued the New Ideas single in April 2007, which marked their first entry on the British charts. The Stitches single arrived in U.K. shops on September 10, 2007, with the group's first full-length album, Nothing Means Everything, dropping a week later. ~ Mark Deming

    Glasgow, Scotland
    June, 2005

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