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About Cassiano

Cassiano was a precursor of soul music in Brazil, influencing early proponents of the style like Tim Maia. Among his hits as author/interpreter are "A Lua E Eu" (with Paulo Zdanowski, 1976), which was included in a popular soap opera, and "Coleção" (also written with Paulo Zdanowski), was included in the soap opera Loco-motivas, which also had a theme from the instrumental soul group Banda Black Rio, "Maria Fumaça." As a composer, he had hits with "Mister Samba" (recorded by Alcione), "Primavera" and "Eu Amo Você" (by Tim Maia), and "Morena" (by Gilberto Gil). Marisa Monte, Djavan, Ed Motta, and other artists paid homage to him on his CD Cedo Ou Tarde (1991). At six, he moved with his family to Rio. He took mandolin and violão (acoustic guitar) lessons with his father. In 1964, he joined the Bossa Trio, later Os Diagonais, a group which backed him in a couple of singles and on the LP Cada Um Na Sua 1971, RCA). In 1970, Tim Maia recorded his "Primavera" and "Eu Amo Você" (both with Sílvio Rochael) on Maia's debut LP (which also had Cassiano on the guitar). Cassiano recorded five other LPs (one of which remained unreleased) and Ed Motta personally organized his first compilation in 2001. ~ Alvaro Neder

16 September 1943