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Eme :0),

The Storys are fab and their album is great, so buy it!They're even better live, i met them in Spillers Records (the best record shop in the world) and they seemed like really nice guys, so good luck to them.Their album is well worth a listen to!

A wonderful sound

Andy JK,

I heard The Storys support Elton John at the County Cricket Ground, New Road in Worcester and was really surprised by their quality. Hearing how good they were live I just had to come to the iTMS to check out the album. They have nice songs, very good voices with beautiful harmonies so give them a try.

About The Storys

Although the Storys were from South Wales, the group’s 1960s and 1970s sunny pop sound felt like it was straight out of California, with solid songs, bright harmonies, thoughtful arrangements, and a clear sense of what it was they wanted to do. Blessed with four gifted songwriters and singers, the group formed in Swansea, Wales in 2003 and eventually settled on a lineup of Steve Balsamo (guitar, vocals), Andy Collins (bass, vocals), Rob Thompson (guitar, vocals), Brian Thomas (drums), Alan Thomas (keyboards, mandolin, banjo), and Rosalie Deighton (guitar, vocals -- replacing Dai Smith, who left the band in 2008). The Storys recorded their self-titled debut album in an old converted film theater and released it on their own Hall Recordings imprint in 2005. The Storys was picked up by Warner and re-released in 2006. The band's second album, the Jon Kelly-produced Town Beyond the Trees, was tracked at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and appeared from Hall Recordings in 2008 to favorable reviews. The Storys announced they were calling it quits in 2010, and released a goodbye album, Luck, that same year. ~ Steve Leggett

    Swansea, Wales

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