2 Songs, 8 Minutes


About The Mighty Sceptres

Devotees of vintage soul and R&B, the Mighty Sceptres are a Cornwall-based combo led by Nick Radford and Angeline Morrison that mixes cool rhythms of the '50s and '60s with the sultry vocals of Ms. Morrison. Nick Radford is a musician and graphic artist who has also recorded under the name Frootful, and previously worked with Morrison on projects for the U.K. retro-soul label Freestyle Records. Morrison, meanwhile, sang with Lack of Afro and the Ambassadors of Sorrow and cut a solo album in 2013, Are You Ready Cat? In mid-2013, Radford and Morrison teamed up for a new project, the Mighty Sceptres, with Radford on guitar and Morrison singing. Recruiting a band (complete with horns) and partnering with producer Kryzysztof Oktalski, the Mighty Sceptres went into the studio to cut their first single, "Siren Call," utilizing a facility with the same type of vintage console that was used to cut Al Green's classic hits of the '70s, and making sure the musicians were working with period-appropriate gear. Released by Ubiquity Records in late 2013, "Siren Song" made a splash with nuevo-soul fans, and in 2014 Radford and Morrison got to work on the Mighty Sceptres' first full-length recording project. Produced by Chris Pedley of the Baker Brothers, All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! was released in September 2014. ~ Mark Deming

    Cornwall, England