4 Songs, 14 Minutes


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7 Ratings

Four Perfect Songs!

Maria Savva

An awesome EP. It starts with the title track “Sitting Ducks”. This song has the heartfelt lyrics that I’ve come to expect from The Virginmarys. This band’s songwriting is always full of depth and meaning. The chorus of “Sitting Ducks” is anthemic and catchy and just the type of thing that will go down well at live shows. The Virginmarys' songs speak to everyone; they deal with the common struggles that humans go through and create that connection between the band and fans that brings everyone together. The songs make you feel something and that’s so important and what’s lacking from a lot of music today.

Track two, “Sweet Loretta”, has all the hallmarks of a Virginmarys’ hit. It’s full of passion, deep lyrics, and heavy riffs.

“Through The Sky”, is an awesome introspective love song. A catchy and upbeat melody balanced with lyrics that evoke a sense of desire for something that is out of reach or unrequited. It’s full of depth and emotion and I would say it’s my favourite on the EP, but the problem is all the songs are my favourites! It’s sooo good.

The final song on the EP is “Sleep”. The slowest track on “Sitting Ducks”. It’s beautiful. The profound lyrics just grab you and don’t let you go. The music is mellow, a gentle backdrop to this expressive and emotive track.

If you like rock music, you should add this to your collection. Also, try to catch these guys live - they are one of the best live bands out there at the moment!

Awesomely infectious!


An EP while we wait for the next album? Yes please..... a top drawer release that's a natural progression from Divides, with a touch more maturity and a more highly infectious injection of melody for sure. Fans of Royal Blood, Killers and any other quality tunesmiths of the last 50 years will like this, searing guitars and pained, heartfelt lyrics driven hard by pounding, occasionally tribal drumming that push the pace and energy of the 3 electric tracks here (plus one acoustic number). If you liked the Virginmarys before, you'll love this. If you've never heard of them, take this as a solid introduction to one of the most exciting and underrated/underheard bands ever.



In a dark sea of mediocre music that is constantly churned out The Virginmarys are the light bringing real meaningful music, enjoy the awakening.

About The Virginmarys

Mixing the power of the grunge era with the vigor of punk, the Virginmarys create driving hard rock reminiscent of the Foo Fighters. Formed in Macclesfield, England in 2006 by singer and guitarist Ally Dickaty, bassist Chris Birdsall, and drummer Danny Dolan, the band set out to create intelligent hard rock that could be visceral and fun without being meatheaded. The lineup would be short-lived, with bassist Matt Rose taking over for Birdsall in 2009, but the years that followed would see the band release a string of EPs, including 2010's Cast the First Stone, 2011's Just a Ride and Portrait of Red, and 2012's Dead Man's Shoes. Their first proper full-length, King of Conflict, arrived in 2013 on Wind Up Records to a significant amount of critical acclaim. In 2015 the band issued a new single, "Dust," in anticipation of their sophomore studio long-player, Divides, which dropped in early 2016. While on tour in the U.K. in 2017, they released the single "Sweet Loretta (You Know Me Better)." ~ Gregory Heaney

Macclesfield, Cheshire, England