5 Songs, 39 Minutes


About Guardian Alien

Known for his work with experimental groups like Teeth Mountain and Liturgy, Greg Fox struck out on his own with his solo project-turned-ensemble Guardian Alien. Exploring a more hypnotic, meditative sound, the project found the multi-instrumentalist heading in a direction that, while experimental, was also more structured. To aid Fox on his mind-expanding musical journey, the songwriter enlisted the help of Liturgy guitarist Bernard Gann, as well as bassist Eli Winograd, singer Alex Drewchin, and shahi baaja player Turner Williams, Jr. With a core group in place, Guardian Alien made their self-titled debut in 2011 with a release on Swill Children, and followed up with a pair of cassette releases later that year. In 2012, the band made the jump to Thrill Jockey, who put out their sophomore release, See the World Given to a One Love Entity, that same year. The band returned in 2014 with Spiritual Emergency, an album which found the band continuing to explore the realm of psychedelic rock while experimenting with structure. ~ Gregory Heaney



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