2 Songs, 9 Minutes


About Songdog

The musical outlet for the prolific writing talent of Welsh playwright, novelist, and songwriter Lyndon Morgans, Songdog’s eclectic mix of pop noir and alt country marked them out as one of the most original talents to emerge on the UK music scene in the new millennium. Originally working in his native Blackwood in south Wales, Morgans relocated to London to chase a recording contract and made his first forays into the music world using the Jellymoulds moniker. He formed Songdog in 1998 with fellow Blackwood native Karl Woodward (guitar), Dave Paterson (drums), and Robert Lesniewski (keyboards). Signing with Zara Records, they made their studio debut in July 2000 with the EP, Cold Coffee & Ava Gardner. Embracing the heady wit and romantic lyricism of legendary songwriters such as Jacques Brel and Tom Waits, the EP introduced Morgans’ idiosyncratic singing style and highly literate songwriting. The Way Of The World fleshed out the EP’s lyrical concerns to album length, with Morgans’ songwriting muse reaching new heights on stand-out tracks ‘I Love My Angel’s Plastic Wings’ and ‘Lazarus In Flames’. By now reduced to a trio, Songdog moved to the Evangeline label to release 2003’s Haiku. Tracks such as ‘She Hangs In The Dark Like A Saint In A Cathedral’, ‘The Girl On The Escalator At HMV’, and ‘Hat-Check Girl’ provided further evidence of Morgans’ sharp wit and fecund imagination.