17 Songs, 1 Hour, 16 Minutes


About Freak Power

Founded by Norman Cook, who later went on to considerable commercial success as the producer/electronica artist Fatboy Slim, Freak Power were a British band steeped in the sounds of acid jazz, funk, and soul. Cook started the band after leaving the Housemartins and the similarly styled acid-house outfit Pizzaman, but gave Freak Power a groovier, old school vibe. In 1993 the group’s single, “Tune In, Turn On, Cop Out,” made headway on the U.K. charts, and was followed by the full-length albums DRIVE THRU BOOTY (’94) and MORE OF EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY (’96).

Around this time Cook began devoting time to his Fatboy Slim project, although a third Freak Power album, entitled TUNE IN, TURN ON, COP OUT, was released on Spectrum Records in 2000.