14 Songs, 1 Hour 12 Minutes


About Working Week

British jazz-dance outfit Working Week was formed in 1983 by guitarist Simon Booth and saxophonist Larry Stabbins, who previously teamed in Weekend. The duo debuted the following year with "Venceremos (We Will Win)," a tribute to Chilean protest singer Victor Jara featuring vocal contributions from Robert Wyatt and Everything But the Girl's Tracey Thorn; singer Julie Tippetts assumed the spotlight on the follow-up, "Storm of Light," with the full-length Working Nights appearing in 1985. Guest singers continued revolving in and out of the Working Week lineup prior to the permanent addition of Juliet Roberts in time for 1986's Companeros; in the wake of 1987's Knocking on Your Door, however, Roberts left the group, with another round of guests lending vocal input to Fire in the Mountain two years later. New frontwoman Yvonne Waite was installed for 1991's Black and Gold. ~ Jason Ankeny



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