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Mark Roberts - Vistas

Dave R Jones,

Excellent instrumental album. I hate to piegeonhole music, but to give you an idea - ambient, electronic with a generous splash of balearic. Lush strings accompanied by some clever rhythms overlaid with acoustic guitar. I would agree with the last review; a lot of the music has a cinematic quality to it, and that's not a criticism, personally I like it. There are some tunes (After the storm, Homecoming) that do feel as if they're crying out for a really soulful vocal.

Grear debut - keep it up!



Vistas will take you on a journey through different places and textures and all underlined with Marks Roberts lust for travel and life experience.
Cleverly composed with light well played acoustic guitar, smooth strings and compelling beats it mixes acoustic and electronic music and delivers them exaclty where they should be bouncing off each other to make an excellent instrumental like Vistas!!!!
If you can't afford a holiday stick this in your headphones you'll be round the world in no time and back in time for tea and Tiffin !!!!

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