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10 Ratings



An uplifting and poignant song in support of equality for all!!

Great song, great cause


The lyrics to this song are so beautiful and meaningful especially to people who have faced tough times in their lives. It's the 2st century and we still are faced with inequality and discrimination. This song is a little light in reminding us that we are much more than we think we are. Love this track and I hope it gets the support it truly deserves.

Inspiring and touching!


Really like the lyrics, and its an uplifting song promoting equality, love, compassion and understanding. The record is for a great cause! I am not usually gushy, but think this is just one of those situations I make an exception, as I think if people worldwide buy this, share and like this on social media then they may be unwittingly help the cause of spreading equality and making someones life better :-) Go to the 'you make me proud' page on facebook, 'like' and 'share' with your friends!.

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