13 Songs, 45 Minutes


About Sugarcoma

Guitarist Claire Simson and drummer James Cuthbert had been best friends since the age of three, and both had grown up with heavy music being the motivating force behind their musical ambitions.

Both musicians met Heidi McEwen, a bassist, when they were teenagers at the same school.

The three were all aware of one another's talents, but hadn't tried to work together musically yet.

This changed when Simson met Jess Mayers, a vocalist that was partially inspired by one of Simson's old outfits.

The two talked music and when they realized that they could just form a band with one another, they drafted in the other two and began to practice.

Although none of them were terribly polished, the group put together a few covers and began to play for their peers.

They started to play around Britain, eventually recording a popular local demo in the summer of 2000.

A tour with My Ruin garnered them their first road experience, and follow-up gigs with Disturbed and the Guano Apes helped them boost their image.

Producer Colin Richardson took them into the studio for an EP, and this impressed Music For Nations so much they signed the band soon after.

The members spent their summer writing and rehearsing, finally stepping into the studio in August of 2001.

In March of 2002, Becoming Something Else became their first full length album. ~ Bradley Torreano



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