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Spacewalking for iPhone and iPod touch 3rd gen and above.

Appadvice: "The level of detail and realism is extraordinary, and you won't find anything else like it on the App Store"

Toucharcade: "I'm going home, There is the Moon, There is North America, Let's aim for South Carolina and hope for the best"

Pocketgamer: "Astronaut: Spacewalk is described as "a highly realistic astronaut jetpack simulator" which, let's be honest, sounds cool as hell."

iFanzine: "There’s no doubting that Astronaut: Spacewalk is one of the most difficult iOS games to get into, but once you survive the learning phase, you might be surprised at how hooked you are."

Modojo: "Astronaut simulator takes players to final frontier"

Slidetoplay: "Maybe the realistic-looking iOS simulator Astronaut: SpaceWalk will help inspire tomorrow's private-sector astronauts."

Playscifi: "I’d like you all to know that I think it’s a wonderfully authentic game (real spacewalkers may beg to differ), one that is as much as simulation of orbital space manoeuvring as it is a casual zero-gravity obstacle course."

The-app-shack: "Astronaut Spacewalk is really less of a game, and more of a challenging experience."

Astronaut Spacewalk is a highly realistic astronaut jetpack simulator. Fly the Manned Manouvering Unit from the Space Shuttle cargo bay to several satellites, align into position to make repairs and dock back into the Shuttle.

Fly the jetpack in 20 daring missions where you have to rendezvous with different satellites from the smaller TDRS and Solar Maximum, medium sized like the Magellan and Galileo probes, to the big Skylab, Hubble telescope and russian MIR station.

Up for a Challenge?

Pretty to look at but difficult to master. Flying in space is not like flying a plane. A small wrong movement can send you in a collision path and the stress of how to quickly recover while keeping the valuable electricity and fuel resources.

Challenge yourself to master Inertial Flight in space where there is no up or down and there is nowhere to hang on to if you loose control.

The difference between life and death is the oxygen in your suit and the nitrogen in your jetpack.

It might be beautiful but who said that floating in space was easy?

- For a better experience read the "Operation Manual"

- Note that the control buttons are not the crosses. The buttons are the empty spaces between the crosses.

What's New

Version 1.1

Updated loading options.

Modified Mission background Music.

Added Space Centre screen

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5

19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Great Simulation for space walking

George Winnard

This is a great spacewalking sim with a hint of arcade simplicity. The controls are simple enough so that a novice should take no more than 15 minutes to navigate zero-g physics.

The missions themselves are cleverly designed so the anyone can complete them. For the 'expert' gamer, they can have the challenge of completing it using the minimal of recourses and time. When navigating around, you've to get to a nav point just by floating towards it. However, there are more challenging nav points you've got to be in the correct orientation and maintaining the orientation. So controlling drift requires patience and skill.

Graphically it's great too. Clean crisp objects and a simple camera left, right, up down system that could be complimented with fixed tracking view points (flight deck window and 4 corner camera point). And of course, a replay mode :)

So far I've only seen the MMU and I would like to see the SAFER pack used. This is the modern day version of the MMU, but has a even more limited supply of fuel, which would add more challenges. Also I would like to see the Russian version of the MMU and the Orlando suit for Russian mission. If these haven't been included then these would be great additions.

On the whole fantastic app and well worth it.



Would love to see an update that accommodates the iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen sizes! :)

Yes, the controls are complex and first time players will need to spend some time acquainting themselves with them. At it's heart though, this is a _sim_ not an arcade game. Although the control mappings may seem complex, I think they are the best fit for simulating the complex controls for momentum and movement on all axis, in space, on a touch screen.

Persevere, be patient and you'll be rewarded by a beautiful sim that is relaxing and gives a sense of the distances, isolation and difficulties involved in manoeuvring in space.

Like it


This really good game. Is very realistic I imagine not sure never been in space. Controls are immense like 20 different controls. If you want to be an astronaut have a go at this. Been playing 2 hours not even past first level yet good I don't like easy games.


Jorge Hernandez
50.5 MB
Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Jorge Hernandez


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