Dart is a new way to send short, concise emails and ensure you get the response you need quickly.

91% of people surveyed said that they put off replying to an email because the response would take too much time.

84% of people surveyed said it was frustrating having to wait for answers to simple emails.

Dart lets you set predefined answers in your email so the recipient just has to click a button to reply. No worrying about composing a message, no opportunity for procrastination and most importantly, totally unambiguous.

If your recipient has Dart installed on their iOS device or Apple Watch they can reply with a single tap!

Dart integrates with your address book, has zero config set-up for existing users and supports iCloud, Gmail and 3rd party SMTP mail. It even has emoji shortcuts for sending fun messages to your friends.

Dart lives in your menubar so you can compose and send quick messages without getting distracted by your email client.

Dart makes replying to emails on the go faster, safer and less painful.

For those of us who struggle to manage our overflowing inboxes, receiving Dart messages will transform the way we use email forever.

What's New

Version 1.01

Upgraded mail sending library.
Added gmail oauth support.
Now supports more email account types.
Keyboard shortcut for sending mail
Push to Apple Watch

Ratings and Reviews


worth a try

This is an interesting app, that almost certainly has good potential. The icon sits in the menu bar, and when clicked you are immediately into composing an email. It is quite quick - definitely faster than opening a conventional email client. I installed iCloud and Outlook accounts, and they work quite well. Unsurprisingly, it is not possible to install a Microsoft Exchange account. Further limitations: no attachments are possible on any account, and Dart does not receive any email. It is definitely not an alternative to a conventional client, but then again, it was not meant to be.

When I was initially setting the app up I tried to check ‘Start on Login’ in the preferences, but this proved impossible. I contacted the Dart people (they got back to me very quickly) who told me that this was a bug that they were going to sort out. Anyway, I found an an easy workaround: Go to OS X System Preferences/Users and Groups/Login Items. Add ‘Dart’. It appears in the Menubar on a restart, and opens fine (though ‘start at login’ remains unchecked in Dart Preferences)

In order to maximise the ‘speed’ dimension of Dart I tried to dictate an email, but the app froze. I tried again - same result. Contacted the developers (they again got back to me quickly), and was told that this was an area they would look into.

Despite some shortcomings I find that I contintue to hit the menu bar for short emails. The app needs further development, but is worth a try.



It works perfectly with my iCloud email address. Sending from my POP email account also works when selecting SSL/TLS (even though this is normally not required). No "CC:" but you can enter more than one recipient, so it's no problem to send a copy to the own mailbox. The app is great and so useful, can only recommend!

Ginoid Little

Almost, but not quite excellent

This is a very clever idea for an App, not least in serving a market of busy digital workers.

A small UI and memory footprint App for quickly whipping-out an eMail: what’s not to like.

However, there is one small very irritating problem:

If you have your Mac OS X menu bar set to ‘Black’, rather than the more common grey, the icon displays as a white block, instead of the otherwise quite lovely paper plane icon.

I can give five stars when this small but visually irritating oversight (not strictly a bug) has been remedied.

Good work Moople.

Please update the menu bar icon as soon as you have a moment.

Best wishes and thanks,



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OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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