1) Plan out all of your enchantments for each piece of clothing, armor, or weapon.

2) Calculate the strength of your enchantments based on your build options.

3) Keep track of which enchantments your character has learned.

4) Compare anything you've looted with what you would be able to create yourself.

5) Know that your enchantments are at maximum effectiveness.

6) Do "what if" scenarios with perks you don't have yet to see if they are worth it to you.



"...amazing from first release but each update somehow makes it even better- a fantastic tool for those who use enchantments or for those who would like to."

"This is a must purchase for Skyrim. Use it constantly. The app helped me understand the process of enchanting and why its necessary to advance in the game."

"Must have app for skyrim. Very useful and well made"

"Super comprehensive"

"If you play this game this app is a must have."

"If you have bought the Alchemy app then you know exactly what to expect as its just as good, brilliant."

"Would highly recommend"

"...great for keeping a log of what enchants you have, also allows you to see what strength effect you can get with your skill and how getting more skill or perks would effect there strengths."

"Easy to use and thorough, accurate info."

"Really useful app"

"Before this app, I did my enchantment planning with a really awkward excel sheet. This not only avoids that, but also calculates the effects of the enchantments based on your stats. Combined with the author's Alchemy app, these are everything you need to make truly epic equipment."

"Phenomenally helpful app!"

"'s super great. Don't think, don't ponder, just buy it because you will not be disappointed."

"The checklist for known enchantments is especially nice for scatterbrained folk like myself."

"Either for the casual player who needs some help or for the min/maxer that has to eke that last percentage out if their equipment"


"Exactly the kind of organized information you need to get the most out of your enchanting experiments."

"The ability to instantly find out if I should disenchant right away or wait until I can craft a stronger version"


Like its predecessor, the Skyrim Alchemist Guide, this guide will undoubtedly see many updates in response to feedback and requests from the users.

So get it, try it, and let me know what you think.
(there is a button to "Email the Author" from within the app)



- many improvements have been implemented including:
* saving multiple outfits.
* previewing the strength of enchantments during selection.
* iPad support.
* other misc improvements.



-added Notched Pickaxe
-added Fiery Soul Trap
-renamed "Light Damage" to "Silent Moons Enchant"
-added Soul Gem Size Reference for all creatures
-fixed description of Fortify Magic
-fixed Resist Shock on gloves



Vampire Edition: added vampire-specific help for vampire characters. Also...
-Added hints for maximizing enchanting
-Increased potion strength to max 57%
-Added new perks to profile that affect enchanting
-Add note about 'Blessing of Mara' enchantment



* toggle between shield or dual wield
* calculated values in are displayed in bold
* added "Aspect of Terror" illusion perk
* added a "clear all" button
* made help page easier to read
* update creature souls chart for gem sizes



* Multiple Character profiles
* Updated Soul Gem Chart
* Dragonborn update
* Chaos Damage
* Seeker of Sorcery
* New updated tips



* bug fix for iPad Pro users

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What's New

Version 1.8

Bug fix affecting iPad Pro users only.
Name change to comply with iTunes policy.

Ratings and Reviews

A Must-Have for Enchanting


I've been using this App now since August 2017 and have had no issues whatsoever. Just like the Perks App made by the same person as this App, it allows for multiple Characters to be created, a real bonus for me. It allows you to take into account things such as strength of the Soul Gems used, Enchanting Skill, weather or not you are a Vampire with the Necromage Perk, and even the benefit you can get from one of the Black Books. The only thing that could make this better is if it took in to account the effect you get if wearing any four Relics of Ahzidal (Dragonborn DLC) which increases Enchanting by 10. Other than that, it's perfect.

Enchanting made easier


Quick response to fixing the auto close bug. Highly recommended apps if you're new to skyrim or would like a new take on an ageing game.

There are many apps that are available to assist with enchanting, but none as clear as this. You can clearly see which enchantments you have, and keep track of various outfits that you have created/combined.

It's a fantastic app for those that are just starting out on skyrim, or for those that want a little more help with things they haven't tried yet.

I highly recommend this app, keep up the great work like the other available apps. (Search 'Alan cave')

The app that needs creating is to do with smithing.

Awesome app!!!!

Demon Dan86

I was level 55 and struggling with levelling my alchemy, this app made it so much easier and was very easy to use. Used with the enchanting app that is also available and the it makes the game so much more enjoyable. A definite MUST HAVE for any true adventurer. Just don't take an arrow to the knee ;)


Alan Cave
5.9 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2012 Alan Cave


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