File Viewer allows you to view any file on your Mac. Simply drag and drop any file or folder onto the program window. File Viewer supports playback of many common audio and video formats, and can display many image, Web, and page layout file types. This utility also provides, text, hexadecimal, and icon views to help you inspect the contents of each file.

With File Viewer, you can identify unknown file types and locate programs that open them. The software is linked to the database, the Central File Extensions Registry, which contains thousands of file extension entries. File Viewer matches each opened file to the database and displays a list of corresponding file types.


- View any file on your Mac
- Display Native, Text, Hexadecimal, and Icon views for each file
- Search the contents of each file
- Identify unknown file types via the database

Over 60 Supported File Types:


- AAC Audio File (*.aac)
- AC3 Audio File (*.ac3)
- AMR Audio File (*.amr)
- Audio File (*.au)
- AIFF Audio File (*.aif, *.aiff)
- Compressed AIFF Audio File (*.aifc)
- Core Audio File (*.caf, *.caff)
- Global System for Mobile Audio File (*.gsm)
- iTunes Ringtone File (*.m4r)
- Karaoke Audio File (*.kar)
- MIDI File (*.mid, *.midi)
- MP3 Audio File (*.mp3)
- MPEG-2 Audio File (*.mp2)
- MPEG-4 Audio Book File (*.m4b)
- MPEG-4 Audio File (*.m4a)
- Protected MPEG-4 Audio File (*.m4p)
- Wave Audio File (*.wav, *.wave)


- 3GPP Multimedia File (*.3gp, *.3gpp, *.3gp2)
- 3GPP2 Multimedia File (*.3g2)
- AVI Video File† (*.avi)
- FLIC Animation (*.flc, *.fli, *.flic)
- iTunes Video File (*.m4v)
- MPEG Video (*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mpe)
- MPEG-2 Video File (*.m2v, *.mp2v, *.mpg2)
- MPEG-4 Video File (*.mp4, *.mpg4)
- Quartz Composition (*.qtz)
- QuickTime Movie (*.mov, *.moov)

Page Layout

- Encapsulated PostScript† (*.eps, *.epsf)
- Microsoft Word Document† (*.doc)
- Microsoft Word Open XML Document† (*.docx)
- Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
- PostScript† (*.ps)


- JPEG Image (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe)
- PNG Image (*.png)
- BMP Image (*.bmp)
- GIF Image (*.gif)
- TIFF Image (*.tif, *.tiff)
- JPEG 2000 Image (*.jp2, *.jpx, *.j2k)
- TARGA Image (*.tga)
- Mac OS X Icon File (*.icns)
- Windows Icon File (*.ico)
- Windows Cursor File (*.cur)
- Photoshop Document (*.psd)
- Adobe RAW (*.dng)
- Canon RAW 2 (*.cr2)
- Canon RAW (*.crw)
- Nikon RAW (*.nef)
- Minolta RAW (*.mrw)
- Sony RAW (*.arw)
- Olympus RAW (*.orf)
- OpenEXR (*.exr)
- QuickTime Image (*.qtif)
- Macintosh PICT Image (*.pct, *.pict)
- Silicon Graphics Image (*.sgi)
- MacPaint Image (*.mac)


- HTML File (*.html, *.htm, *.xhtml)
- Safari Web Archive (*.webarchive)


- Configuration File (*.cfg, *.conf, *.cnf, *.config)
- Plain Text (*.txt)
- Rich Text File (*.rtf)
- XML File (*.xml)

Operating System

- Mac OS X Alias (shortcut)
- Mac OS X Folder
- Mac OS X Package (*.app, *.bundle, etc.)
- Mac OS X Volume

† AVI files: some codecs may not be supported
† EPS and PS files: single-page documents only supported
† DOC and DOCX files: text and basic formatting supported, not graphics

What's New

Version 1.4

- Updated for Mavericks
- Added a preferences window with display options for the file info panel
- Added additional image metadata information
- Fixed some stability issues

*Note to upgrading users: The 1.4 release no longer supports the .SWF format.

Ratings and Reviews

2.3 out of 5

29 Ratings

29 Ratings

It opened a RIS file

DT the second

It instaled fine and opened a RIS file no questions asked both content and metadata visible. Straightforward drag and drop interface. Very happy with the result. Sorry to hear that the app couldn’t open some file types for other reviewers but come on, its free try and if it works like in my case give it 5 stars and report the type of files. If it doesn’t well you may have wasted 2 minutes of your life (that’s how long it takes to download and get it running). It is not the end of the word and no need to badmouth the app, just report the kind of file it doesn’t open. Then other users can make up their mind instead of being scared away. For the record I have no connection to this app or the people that make it and promote it. I just thought I should stand up for what helped me (for free) to do my job. Thanks File viewer and keep up the good work.

er, excuse me my frank and bold bluntness, but...


it’s (profanities censored) censurable nugatorius nonsense. there. i’ve said it

i’ve given it pretty much every file type known to mackintosh, plus one or two besides, and all it does is show its icon, occasionally wrong, and, sometimes, reams of hex rubbish which to us users is exactly the sort of thing we expected the app to translate! the only thing it does is reveal the files meta-info, which is already known

i guess if you’re able to write an application such as this then chances are you’re also savvy enough never to need it, which, by the same token, explains why you’d also not be bothered to test the thing afterward

"Open any file on your Mac with File Viewer”? codswallop. oh, and “Sharpened" Productions? no


North London Boy

Waste of time. Installed it to view a .DS4 file, which was a PC format Micrografix Designer drawing file. This program wasn’t even capable of rendering the plain text within the file, which was not complicated. This app might have some purpose, but if it can’t do this I wouldn’t hold out much hope.


Sharpened Productions
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Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2013 Sharpened Productions


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