***WEBBY Awards honoree - music | visual design. FWA winner. Audiobus compatible.***
Get ready for a new & exciting way to experience music, brought to you by acclaimed musician Adrian Belew. FLUX by belew™ is an ever-changing variety of new tracks, sounds, and visual art that comes at you in quick, surprising pieces. You get exposed to a lot of interesting content quickly, and every listen is a new, unique experience that will never happen the same way again for you or anyone else.

The song forms themselves are short and varied, with longer tracks chopped up so you only hear a portion. Songs even appear in multiple versions, with different lyrics and instrumentation. There are hundreds of these songs, pieces of music, and sonic "snippets", along with engaging visuals randomly changing with the music.
These tracks never play in the same order, though it is not entirely random. The artist controls the probability of which tracks are played, so new tracks may appear, others may go away, and rarities may only be heard once and a while. All this can be changed at any time, ensuring that FLUX never plays the same way twice.
Songs do repeat over time, but you also have the option to hear a track whenever you want just by pressing the "favorite" button, and it will added to your own custom playlist. You can also see a history of what you’ve just heard.
FLUX by belew™ also includes pictures, lyrics, studio notes, backstories about the songs, and interactive ways to share your FLUX experience with your friends via social media. It has been cheekily described as "the first SAAS music album", due to its ever-evolving status.
FLUX is a creative platform that will surprise and engage you every time you experience it. It's time for something different.

Adrian Belew is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, who has released 20 critically acclaimed solo albums, while working alongside some of the most innovative artists of the past 30 years, including Paul Simon, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails, among others. For 33 years he was the frontman, singer, and guitarist in art-rock giant King Crimson. Known as a highly inventive guitarist, much of Belew's music mixes pop songwriting with complex time signatures, witty lyrics, wild sounds, and a technical mastery of his instrument.

FLUX by belew™ - As seen in Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, the Guardian, theQuietus, Synthtopia, Adland.TV, TeamRock, Guitar Moderne, Guitar Player and many more!


• Q: Is FLUX by belew™ the same as FLUX:FX - by Adrian Belew?
• A: No. FLUX by belew™ is the app platform delivering the music and artwork of Adrian, the ‘painting’ if you will. FLUX:FX is the app that Adrian has developed with NOII.SE that is a multi-effect audio processor, or the ‘paintbrush’ for his sounds. Go to for more details.

• Q: I have downloaded and launched the app, but all I see is a dark background with icons on it and I can only swipe left and right.
• A: this is the ‘onboarding wizard’. Please swipe all the way to the end and tap on the ‘close’ text. We will update this to make it clearer in the next version.

• Q: I have a problem or suggestion with the app, should I leave feedback in the appstore?
• A: If you leave a comment or question in the feedback here we are not able to respond to it. Please go to or email us at and we will do our best to help.

What's New

Version 1.2.1

Hi all, thanks once again for your support and we hope you are enjoying the ever-changing experience that is FLUX by belew™. this is an interim release to quash a few small bugs in the system. The first one was around the Audiobus integration - this required all the audio files to be converted to caff format in real-time, but it was causing some very minor glitches and a little gap at the start of some tracks when the FLUX randomiser button was used. So now the way the app works is to do a check to see if the Audiobus app is installed - if not then we can bypass the conversion process and the playback should be super smooth. If Audiobus IS installed (maybe you want to process FLUX by belew™ through FLUX:FX for maximum 'adrianity'!) then we keep that functionality in there, but just don't overuse the FLUX button and you won't notice anything.

Other things we have updated:
- some minor tweaks around the screen capture for the Gallery and My FLUX sections. Snapshots are now saved immediately into the Gallery.
- track length data for the FLUXette pack audio is now correct :)
- iPad pro/iPhone 6S(+)/iPhone SE compatibility

We hope you are still enjoying the app, and please don't forget to leave some great app-store ratings to help us out. A new FLUX pack is in the works, so stay tuned for even more.

Ratings and Reviews

A cute idea, not as revolutionary as it thinks it is


Hard to write a review of this without bias, having been a Belew fan for over 2 decades. However, given the focus is the music, if you don't dig his work then you're just not going to like this.

Firstly, it's just not as innovative an idea as they want people to think it is. It's just a randomiser and visualiser. That's it. I could have done that through iTunes and a normal CD version of a new album.

The visualisations are cool, I like the detail about the tracks, and I love Belew's work so I'm still giving it the full 5 stars. Your mileage may vary.

Great, Evolving Music

Richy Smithston

I love this album. Adrian Belew is such a creative artist and he's funny to boot.

This album may be just a cd with random mode stuck on permanent but that is somewhat missing the point. The heart of this album is a certain amount of original tracks. The rest of it (which is vast) contains remix's and and rearrangements of these tracks. The content is tagged regular, irregular and rare it seems. This means that one half hour (or whatever the length is) listen always seems to contain something unique about it.

If you had this on CD you could possibly just listen to it all straight through but it would probably be tedious listening to so many different versions of a few songs back to back. That would be missing the point.

This is a classic example of how limiting your choice can enhance your experience. It's innovative and just really entertaining!


BUY IT NOW…...Uberrock co uk review

Professor Pangolin

How do you explain this musical endeavour? I’m too busy listening to it right now and I don’t have the vocabulary to do it justice….So……….

If you like Adrian Belew, The Beatles, cut and paste randomism and a touch of King Crimson. THEN BUY THIS ALBUM errr I MEAN APP. And welcome to the alternate future. REALLY….BUY IT NOW.


601.9 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2017 MOBGEN BV & Adrian Belew Presents
In-App Purchases
  1. FLUXette expansion pack £4.99


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