Family tree research is becoming an ever more popular past time. Normally all of your genealogy information is locked away on your computer at home which isn't much use when you are out and about researching local records, or visiting locations such as graveyards, ancestral homes, or family reunions.

This is where GedView comes in. Carry around your entire family tree on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and have all the data about your ancestors and even current descendants at your fingertips.

You can quickly check up on family relationships, dates / locations of events, and record new information. Despite the name GedView is not just a viewing tool. This includes taking photos, or video anywhere and anytime you like without needing to worry about a potentially costly internet connection. If using an iPhone, or a cellular enabled iPad you can even record your current location to add to any event.

If your tree contains lots of images you can even use GedView as a slideshow, showing all the pictures related to a given event, person, source, family. You can also play back any home movies you have in your tree. Media support is not limited to photos/video. Support is also included for any other file type your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is capable of opening. This may be PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, mp3 files. If you have an app installed that supports a specific document type and have a document of that type in your tree you will be able to view it via GedView.

Do you have some separate branches in your tree that you haven't connected yet? GedView allows you to store multiple trees so you can easily switch to view distinct branches.

Unlike other apps no specific computer application is required, nor is a subscription to any website. Instead standard GEDCOM files can be imported, These can be encoded as ASCII, ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8, or UTF-16 and can be added to GedView via WiFi, downloading from a website, via iTunes, or even opened from other apps such as Mail, Safari, Dropbox etc.

While GedView is targeted towards GEDCOM 5.5.1 it will read in any version, and will also support many custom extensions used by other genealogy applications, and because GEDCOM hasn't been added as an after thought imports are fast and efficient.

You can even export GEDCOM files for sharing with family members or other researchers, or to transfer new information to your main computer.

A sample family tree containing the British monarchy is included.

If you have any problems, or suggestions please get in touch via the support email address.

What's New

Version 3.4.14

Fixes display of IPv6 import / export addresses.

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I cannot believe how easy this was. And dirt cheap for what it gives you. I bought the app from my iTouch - installed within seconds. I am not that savvy with this stuff so I was a little concerned on how I would get my existing Ged format database onto the iTouch and into the app. I followed the instructions and went to "Select/Import Gedcom file" and chose "Upload to Device". It invited me to type an http:// IP address in my web browser on the Mac and then to choose the file. I selected the Gedcom file from my backup memory stick and there it was!! It appeared of its own accord on the iTouch as a new database!! I have checked through and everything seems to have imported perfectly, and it does more than I expected reading the reviews. Wonderful. As a simple and handy file to carry around it is exactly what I wanted. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Does exactly what it says


Ignore the bad reviews, a quick scan through them shows a complete lack of understanding of what this app purports to do. It is not a full blown Family Tree program, it never claims to be that. It does however allow you to edit the fields in your GED file, in other words it's a GED file editor, but with some useful embellishments. In fact a LOT of useful embellishments.

I find it useful to carry about as a field tool during research trips. I've downloaded my GED file into my iPad, use Gedview to add facts, folk or whatever, and then merge it back into my computer family tree software. It does what it claims and more.

If you're looking for something to produce fancy pedigree or descendant charts, or link photo and source data, then get the appropriate Family Tree software. This is a tool, and a very useful one.



This is an excellent piece of software - which is another way of saying that it does exactly what I want! I keep my family history records on a laptop, using The Master Genealogist, but it's really helpful to be able to download them (and with no trouble at all) onto the much more portable iPad. The various options for navigating the information and displaying it have been well designed, and are intuitive in use.

So far, I have used GedView simply as a way of displaying information, and I haven't attempted to use the facilities for recording new information - and, to be frank, I don't think I shall be going down this route. But that's simply because of the way in which I prefer to work, not because I've discovered any faults in GedView's facilities.

In sum, it's a well spent £2.49.


David Knight
20.4 MB
Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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