Heroes of Steel Elite includes the entire story (all 4 Episodes) - easily 120+ hours of epic story and content as you battle across the Underdeep. This game features no grinding - all continuous story. Please note there is no transfer of IAPs or character groups from Heroes of Steel RPG to Elite.

Command your party of four heroes as they fight to protect the last remnants of humanity. Born in a time of warring gods and dark powers, your four unlikely heroes embark on a grim journey set in the sprawling and immense post-apocalyptic medieval world of Steel.

It is the dawn of the Seventy First Year after the world has fallen. Four of the Thirteen Gods rose up against their creator, the All-Father, and destroyed him in a cataclysmic event. In the following years of darkness and ruin, the kingdoms of man fell in war and flame. In the final days before all was lost, under the guidance of an ancient order of druids, the survivors retreated to a mysterious underground labyrinth; the Underdeep. Now, in the Underdeep, the last remnants of humanity are scratching out a living and trying to rebuild a society, but are quickly discovering that evil has followed them beneath the surface.

Heroes of Steel is a tactical turn-based RPG in which you lead a group of four unique characters, each with their own talents, special powers, and abilities on their quest through the world of Steel. Engage in tactical combat with the ferocious, devious, and magical enemies who threaten humanity's last settlements. You must decide how to develop each character’s individual strategy in order to build a powerful and dynamic team capable of triumphing over the impossible odds. As you traverse the sprawling world of Steel, your party will face a myriad of challenges, battles, extensive mazes and fearsome enemies of all varieties.

Savor full character customization, deciding how to increase your attributes, skills, and powerful talents. Equip each of your characters with a variety of weapons, armor, and up to three mundane or magical accessories. As your party explores the dungeons, cities and crypts of the world, you will decide the overall strategy and approach your team takes. Choose between hundreds of levels of talents and thousands of combinations of equipment.

Our indie role playing games dev team is actively continuing development to make this the top RPG. We are very receptive to feedback to help Heroes be the best RPG it can be.

With full control of every turn and aspect of your four characters, you can plan every turn with exacting control. Heroes was made for fans of adventure RPGs, board games, and roguelikes. If you enjoy strategy games or tactical RPGs, you will enjoy this classic RPG.

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What's New

Version 4.4.23

- Late Episode 4: further rebalanced of Orcin in Braeys lands
- Increased damage for Kyera's Holy Retribution and Banishment
- Fixed issues with Moonstones looting as Bloodstones
- Fixed map bugs
- Late Episode 4: rebalanced Orcin in Braeys lands
- Fixed issue with +1 Range Legendary Items and self-buffs
- Improved balance of E4 loot drops
- Fixed issues with multiplied crafted items
- Episode 4: opened westward travel out of Braeyshaulm
- Two new travel dungeons to reach Reis Lodge and Vrenhaulm
- Return to these Braeys cities, tread carefully!
- New mundane weapons and armors for sale -- crafting!
- New magical gear shop in Reis Lodge
- Fixed issues with multiple crafted armors
- Added abililty to return to Braeyshaulm, Brunehorn, Storm Bastion in late Episode 4
- Fixed issues with crafting some armor, added crafting to E4 war camps
- Fixed crashes with some E4 weapons
- Fixed typos, map spawn bugs, missing portraits in E4
- Improved format of item shop and pawning shop
- Fixed issue with Tuning items in crafting not consider +HP, +MP, +Res
- Fixed issue exiting Necromantic Sanctuary
- Fixed issues with Nikolai resolution in E4
- Fixed map issues in Ruins of Ember
- Fixed issue with multiple guides taking you to Otherworldly Haven

Ratings and Reviews

Has potential


Huge rpg that becomes a bit of a grind. Idiotic backstory that I resent having to click through, in fairness I suppose most dungeon/ rpg's are the same.
Think I took a different route somewhere that the developers didn't anticipate and the story got mixed up, plus much extra battles in an already overloaded game - so time to delete.
However in fairness that's around 30 hours play and I am still in chapter 2 of 4 - wow. An extra star for giving us a demo version- so rare these days.
Some improvement would be gained by letting us buy the optional characters without restarting, no one in their right mind is going to start this all over again.

Excellent Improvements


When I first picked this game up it was a bit meh, to be honest. It dragged on a lot and I didn't get very far.

Fast forward a few years and this is one of my favourite games to play at the moment. I'm about 50 or so hours into the campaign and barely halfway through the story 😬! What I didn't realise in my initial playthrough was how the map opens up as you get into episode 2, becoming less linear and story choices start appearing that affect the rest of the game.

Combat and exploration is much faster these days and keeps the pace of the game up, and while the game definitely gets more interesting the further you get the start is now much improved since release.

Combat is interesting and varied, and boss fights in particular can get very tense - I'm still working on my strategy for the larger set-piece ambushes and boss battles.

Overall a sprawling well-executed RPG with dedicated developers I can easily recommend if you like turn based tactics.

competent but tedious


This RPG has some good elements. Alas, the story is mostly on rails, while combat is a constant chore and offers few real tactical options. Right now I also seem to be stuck, trapped after the Storm Brothers quest with no way to leave the area to look for flowers for the next stage. These flaws are glaring in comparison with older titles from Spiderweb Software, games like The Quest, or even an adventure like Undercroft. Significant changes are still being made regularly (for instance, side quests and skill balancing), but right now this just isn't much fun to play. It would also be nice if it were playtested with Game Center disabled.


Trese Brothers LLC
127.1 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humour
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
© Trese Brothers LLC 2014
In-App Purchases
  1. Character: Paladin £1.99
  2. Character: Vincent the Sorcerer £1.99
  3. Character: Rogue £1.99


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