Anyone can diet! Some people have been on diets most of their lives - stepping on and off the faddy roller-coaster of the latest hot diet, which then is almost inevitably interspersed with furious eating binges.
All this does is to reduce your general health levels while degrading the immune system! Yes, anyone can diet, the trick is to get your weight down and then keep it down with a sane diet that is good for you and good for the long term - and this is of course a state of mind rather than a particular diet per se...

Are you obese ?
Obesity is now calculated by a formula called the Body Mass Index (BMI) where your weight in kilos is divided by the square of your height in metres. If, say for example, your weight is 90 kilos and your height is 1.8 metres then your BMI is 27.7 (90/1.8x1.8) which makes you overweight.

Underweight: less than 20
Normal weight: 20-25
Overweight: 25 - 29.9
Obese: over 30
Morbidly obese: over 40

BMI is not infallible, in some circumstance a sportsman, for example, could come out as obese because of unusually low body fat... but I think we can eliminate such anomalies at a glance.

Latest obesity research
Many doctors now believe that obesity causes more health problems than even smoking…leading to a range of serious risks such as:

• Heart disease.
• High blood pressure.
• Diabetes.
• Arthritis.
• Gallstones.
• Indigestion.
• Breast and prostate cancers
• Snoring
• Apnoea
• Stress, depression and anxiety

While people with lower BMI’s live longer, death rates are significantly higher for those with BMI’s of 25 and above. As life for most people in the west becomes more sedentary, weight problems will only get worse. So it is up to the individual to do something about it - and the only sure long term way to lose weight and then keep it down is to attacks the causes of obesity, not the symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is ideal for this because, as with anxiety and panic attacks, it does not deal with or repress symptoms, but takes on the root causes - indeed, can only take on the root causes around weight control. Unable to supply a list of the latest 'must have' diet fads, hypnotherapy instead talks directly to the underlying causes, reaching into the unconscious to persuade and assuage the psychological issues that indirectly trigger overeating. It gets down to the basic root causes which lead to overeating... which is, I'm afraid, the usual lineup of suspects; issues of compensation, self esteem... etc.

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Ratings and Reviews

Not great

The Baggins

I have experience of a few of these and this was awful. Save your money!

Empowering and effective for weightloss.... and has improved my quality of life


I have long had a destructive relationship with food. I know what I should eat for good health, and what portions are correct. I've had brilliant results with RC and WW and, for periods of time, have maintained a healthy weight. I realised recently that I was over eating and consuming food without even making a concious decision that I 'needed' it or even wanted it. Food had become central to my life. The visualisation given in this app has enabled me to take back control. I hadn't realised that I was stressed and using food to get me through.
I do have some experience with yoga and mediatation and would say that the relaxation part of this app is not its strength so I am looking for other apps for more 'hard core' relaxation (please excuse the contradiction in terms!).
Using this app regularly this week has reduced food to a small part of my life, releasing large amounts of time and energy to be directed to my relationship with family and colleagues. I have been thrilled with the results... stress-free, happy and loosing weight by the day. Thank you Donald!

Absolutely Awful


This is more of a lecture than relaxing weight loss Hypnosis. Definitely a waste of money. He stumbles and stammers at times as if making the whole thing up as he goes along. Seriously doubt whether the previous excellent reviews are genuine as they bare no relation to this app!! Advising to seek medical advice and stating facts and figures about obesity is not relaxing hypnosis! I could continue but have wasted enough time already by listening to it!


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