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Have you ever wanted to feel like real sorcerer or mighty god who can control movement of stars? You can have this feeling with Midnight HD. It is one of the most beautiful and responsive particle system simulation application available on App Store. You may have seen some interactive particle systems before, but Midnight is different. If you are not sure if you should get it, check out our video at www.hyperbolicmagnetism.com.

If you like Midnight HD you can also try Midnight SD for iPhone.

***** Reviews *****
"More than any other application we’ve seen, Midnight HD makes you feel as if you’ve just developed the power to control energy with your fingers..." - iLounge.com (A-)

"If you had the ability to let the iPad totally and completely envelop your senses, Midnight HD is the kind of app that might have you thinking you’d teleported to space and started floating." - www.tapscape.com (8/10)

"Midnight HD is a very impressive technical showcase and in the right hands, we’re sure that some amazing visuals could be created too ..." - www.iphonefreak.com (4/5)

***** Controls *****
Controls are quite easy to catch, but if you want to create all the crazy stuff, you must understand how does the position of fingers changes parameters.

1 FINGER - generates particles and throws them to all directions.
2 FINGERS - rotate particles around center between them. Diameter is affected by distance of fingers.
3 FINGERS - almost as 2 fingers, but particles are attracted to the 3rd one.
4 FINGERS - freeze movement and transform in 3D. Move all 4 fingers together to rotate the scene.
5 FINGERS - all 5 fingers attracts particles by simple gravity law.
6 FINGERS - create "spherical something" and "almost box" depending on where you put your fingers (try to figure out by yourself). The size of object depends on distance between touches. We recommend to use 3 fingers of left hand and 3 from right.
7 FINGERS - slow down, pseudo reverse or speed up the time flow. We recommend 5 fingers from left hand and 2 from right. When you move hands toward each other the time will slow down or even pseudo-reverse. Move them away from each other to do the opposite. There is small indicator on bottom of the screen which shows you the actual speed when you touch the screen with 7 fingers (blue or red line).
8 FINGERS - force particles to display your custom text
9 FINGERS - almost as 6 fingers, but sphere is created
10 FINGERS - calm down particles

!!! Don't miss menu button in one of the corners (usually lower left) to gain access to new features.

***** Description *****
Midnight is interactive particle simulator which really responds to your touches in natural way. There is nothing special to set, simplicity is our goal. Just launch it and try it. You can get incredible results in no time. Graphics are unique and you probably didn't see anything like this on iPad before. Try to use different number of fingers to get different interaction modes (we love four touches).

If you like the app follow us on twitter or send us some feedback. We read everything! All great ideas will be implemented in update.


What's New

Version 2.2.1

Bug fixed in adding text dialogue.

Ratings and Reviews

Simple and beautiful. Captivating.


This app is a very fluid particle generator which lets you create showers of sparks and use multiple fingers to manipulate them, or trigger different modes.

Performance is very responsive and though there's no more purpose to it than making pretty patterns it's great fun and an instantly enjoyable way to show off some iPad interactivity.

One drawback is that the more fingers you place on the screen the more your hands obscure the view, so with that in mind the one feature the app is desperately needing is to output the effects through the VGA adaptor, which would allow projecting the sparks, or displaying them on a TV.

I'd also love to see the option to generate other particles, control over colour, size and other parameters.

Another big but cool addition would be to use the ipad microphone and add an option to make the sparks responsive to sound input as well. It would become an interesting sort of "visualiser" if it could respond to music played on the iPad.

All these possibilities aside, as it stands it's a beautiful way to show people the graphical capabilities of the iPad. I'm very pleased to have bought it and look forward to seeing how it develops.

My favourite app so far


I had an iPod for a year an an iPad for 2 weeks and this app has
Has had me kept me amazed for more than 2 from opening it for the first time last .

59 pence is a snip, the next best thing , with little practise you could easily play along with any musical style to give an amazing futuristic firework display that if projected to a large display would be as impressive as any of the vj effects I have seen at concerts,festivals, raves etc.

I am only to pleased to practise recording my own fireworks display, whilst eagerly awaiting an update which will allow me the ability to somehow rig the iPad to either a projector or a big flat screen.

This surely is what it should be used for.

The colour scenes available are amazing and deserve credit.

I would love to see an option to change colour scenes with finger action at some point
And to be able to some how sync some of the effects to the tempo of music playing in iTunes or from a loaded song of the users choice, input..

Brilliant ...

I'm off to get back on it now..

no tool bar to alter function


i do like this app but i have to say that i wish i never bought it really. theres no option for reducing the amount of particals and nor is there an option to decrease speed. for me its a little to manic and i would love to see the option of reducing the speed especially. 3* for now as like i said, its a little manic due to the speed. will give 5* happily if speed reduction was added.


Jan Ilavsky
7.2 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Hyperbolic Magnetism


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