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Ranked overall #1 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries!

“ZOOKEEPER”, the popular action puzzle game played by over 10 million people, is now a Battle Puzzle, and is available for iOS!!!

“ZOOKEEPER” has powered up and become even more fun, with rankings, avatars, item collection, and other new elements!

This game is simple! For those who is familiar with "ZOOKEEPER", and even those who don’t can enjoy the game together!

“How to play”
How do you catch animals?
Slide an animal side by side, and line up three or more animals of the same kind vertically or horizontally to catch them!
The animals caught will count towards ATTACK or DEFENSE points.

How do you battle?
Battle by catching animals for ATTACK and DEFENSE points, 30seconds per round.
When your opponent’s LIFE is completely depleted, you win!
In the event of a draw, battle it out on the next round!!
*When victory hasn’t been decided after 5 rounds, most remaining LIFE wins.

Invite friends
Inviting friends to join the game, not only you'll get x1 power bottle for every friend invited (max 10 friends),
but you will also get the item "Hot Air Balloon" after inviting 10 friends.

Animal panel's arrangement is the same as your opponent!
even falling animal panels are also the same as your opponent.
The one who catch animals more effectively wins.
However, item panels will fall randomly,
therefore, victory just may depend on your luck.

Master active chains!
Just sits back and waiting for animal panels to disappear won’t get you anywhere!
While the panels disappear, try keep catching other animals and make your own chains!

Don’t miss the lucky animal!
One of the animal type are to be selected as Lucky animal, catching it will counts towards both your ATTACK and DEFENSE.
Don’t forget to check them out when starting a new round!

Losing Connection During Battle
When your opponent lost their connection during battle, their ATTACK and DEFENSE scores will be calculated from ATTACK and DEFENSE of their previous game.

What's New

Version 4.4.6

Zookeeper Battle v4.4.6
New features and fixes!

▼Bugs Fix
- Minor bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.2 out of 5

6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Mixed reaction


Certainly one of the most entertaining titles on the iOS platforms. The developer deserve a great deal of praise for having devised a simple yet capturing duelling game, and for providing constant new contents. (mostly in the form of cosmetic item upgrades which does not affect game play)

However, there is as much to loath about the game as there is to love:

1. The developer has rather unfortunately decided to charge the most ridiculous freemium rate for their title--The price for EVERY 5 PLAYS of the game without compulsory waiting in between is the equivalent for most full games on iTunes.

2. The game design has allowed too much randomness to factor into game play. (see developer comment above) While this may allow more wins to entry level players, it nullifies the sense of competition at higher level and makes the ranking system completely nonsensical.

3. The power-up purchases grant players too heavy advantages. Though fortunately they're charged for even higher prices than the no-waits.

4. There seems to be no English support on the developer website, (even though the game is clearly in English) as a result, I have no choice but to lodge a 'bug' ticket here on iTunes: there are quite a few spelling mistakes in the achievement lists, where the word 'achieve' is mistaken as 'archive'.

My suggestion: try the game now before the wait time is increased from 6 minutes to 30, and decide whether you like it more or hate it more.

Addictive game though sync'g via social media would be useful


Great game - highly addictive. Would be nice if the game was account based, or progress could be sync'd via social media (such as Facebook). I.e. I have the game on my iPhone with one players name, had to create another name on my iPad as I can't login to an account from another device, and this means my progress is different on each device :(

On another note the game makers seem to do a Facebook edition... A lot of the time no players can be found to battle against, and eventually when someone is found they are ranked 500th place, 100th, 50th etc. and just smash me (the iPad and iPhone games provide better matches with closer ranked players).

Give more energy!

SWOS fan

I love the game, it is simple and addictive. The graphics are cute and there is plenty to do. The problem (major) is that everything requires energy points, you only get 5 points and the recharge time per point is 15minutes.

The energy recharge time should only be 5minutes, please lower it!

Now, assuming you have energy, you can play the tile swap game against other players, or you can complete quests (uses 2 energy), fight bosses or zoo vandals (can take ridiculous amounts of energy).
A lot of the energy is spent on passive tasks, ones where you don't actively do anything other than click the fight button.

Personally I would prefer the zoo vandal events to have a tile game involved, so that it doesn't feel like you are wasting energy and not actually playing.
For example, still using the cute and cool points, supporters stats, but having a tile swap game to give your stats a potential boost (getting certain scores gives you a different multiplier). That way it will at least feel like you are doing something.

Anyway, love the game, but hate the energy system and the expensiveness of the IAPs.


122.6 MB
Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
In-App Purchases
  1. Power Bottles (x6) £4.99
  2. Power Bottle £0.99
  3. Platinum Gacha Medal×1 £0.99


  • Family Sharing

    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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