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About 7 Seconds of Love

It's no surprise that Britain's ska-tinged comedy rock act 7 Seconds of Love is the creation of Joel Veitch, the Internet animator behind cult website and Quizno's ads featuring the infamous Spongmonkeys. After recruiting his brother Alex Veitch to play keyboards, Joel met the five other musicians who would round out the act -- Pat Schulenburg (guitar), Ed Snow (drums), Ed Harding (trumpet), Ian Paterson (saxophone), and Stephen Pattison (bass). The band started playing shows in London, later expanding to regional and national gigs, as well as maintaining an enthusiastic digital following thanks to Joel's animated music videos and the release of singles. In January 2007, fans in Argentina alerted 7 Seconds of Love that a Coca-Cola commercial being shown in the country bore a striking similarity to the group's song and video for "Ninja." A legal agreement was reached with the company in which Coca-Cola paid the band an undisclosed sum; 7 Seconds of Love used some of the money to record and distribute an EP, and then donated the rest to two children's charities. ~ Katherine Fulton

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