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Lancaster-based Angelica combines the innocent 1960s girl group style with 1980s playful and fun pop/rock and 1990s aggressive feminist punk. The female foursome emerged in 1994 making their live debut in a working men's club in Morecambe. In 1997 Deceptive Records release their first single "Teenage Girl Crush,". "Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?," followed in 1999 on Fantastic Plastic Records. After supporting punk-pop trio Ash, alternative pop/rock band Muse and issuing a seven-track EP entitled The End Of A Beatiful Career, Brigit Colton, Holly Ross, Claire Windsor and Rachel Parsons became seriously involved in the UK indie rock scene, a goal mostly accomplished with the release of their first album called The Seven Year Itch in 2002. ~ Drago Bonacich