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About Anton Powers

Dance DJ Anton Powers is most prominently known as a founder of the successful group Cahill. Hailing from Liverpool, U.K., Powers began his career in 2000, manning a slot on Juice FM before moving to Radio City 96.7 in 2011 and Capital FM in 2015. During the 2000s, Powers formed Cahill with fellow producers Tim Condran and Scott Rosser. The trio released the singles "Trippin' on You in 2007, "Sex Shooter" in 2009, and a number of remixes for other acts such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, Soultronics, and Dawood & Knight.

Powers met further success at the tail-end of 2015, collaborating with fellow dance producer Philip George on the single "Alone No More," a cover and remix of the track "Be Alone No More," from British R&B quartet Another Level. He also runs A&R for record label 3 Beat Productions. ~ Rob Wacey


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