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The experimental band known simply as Be stands out for its unusual variety of contributors, including a visual artist (Wolfgang Buttress), a teenage singer (Camille Buttress), a scientist (Dr. Martin Bencsik), a classically trained cellist (Deirdre Bencsik), various members of Spiritualized (Kevin Bales, Tony Foster, Doggen Foster, Jason Pierce, and John Coxon), a multi-instrumental ensemble that regularly performs with Sigur Rós (Amiina), and, perhaps most importantly, 40,000 live bees. The idea behind the group came from The Hive, a visual art installation created by Wolfgang Buttress for the Expo 2015 exhibition in Milan. The structure he created monitored a beehive in real time, then displayed the activity through LED lights installed throughout an aluminum frame. Wanting to take the project even further, Buttress continued to record the daily drone the bees were creating and apply some instrumentation over the top; Deirdre Bencsik identified that the resulting sound was in the key of C, allowing the musicians to improvise the accompaniment. After generating a fair amount of buzz for the project, the group began to organize live performances, including a show at a relocated installation site in Kew Gardens, alongside a number of festival appearances, such as Glastonbury and End of the Road Festival. ~ Liam Martin