Book of Black Earth

Seattle, WA's Book of Black Earth emerged in 2003, and from day one they cut against the musical grain of the former grunge capital of the world with their brutal but distinctive death metal songwriting, including the extremely rare occurrence of a full-time keyboard player. Beginning with their self-titled demo the following year, and onwards through a split EP with Fall of the Bastards in 2005, vocalist/guitarist T.J. Cowgill, keyboardist Hank Gutherie (both of them ex-Teen Cthulu), drummer Joe Axler, bassist Larry Perrigo, and second guitarist Rebekah Dunbar quickly made their mark upon the extreme metal underground. The latter pair would be replaced with bassist/vocalist Dav Tafoya-Garcia in 2004 and guitarist/vocalist Tony Lombardi two years later, but these changes didn't stop Book of Black Earth from recording their debut mini-album, The Feast, in 2006. Soon after, the band would find a home at Prosthetic Records, which released their first full-length, Horoskopus -- a concept album inspired by the secret astrological influences upon the Catholic church. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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