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About Cosmo Sheldrake

An English multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, Cosmo Sheldrake's penchant for crafting quirky, loop-driven sound collages, inspirational and often nonsensical lyrics, and recording found objects in unusual environments, invokes They Might Be Giants by way of Syd Barrett. Operating with a kitchen sink-style musical arsenal that includes banjo, loop station, keyboards, double bass, drums, penny whistle, sousaphone, and accordion, just to name a few, Sheldrake has performed both regionally and internationally, touring as a solo artist and in support of like-minded pop provocateurs like Johnny Flynn, the Sussex Wit, and the Gentle Mystics. In 2013 he traveled to New York City and performed at a TEDx event, and later studied vocal improvisation with Bobby McFerrin. A year later he released his debut single, "The Moss," via Transgressive Records. His much anticipated debut EP, Pelicans We, arrived the following year. In addition to his work in the field of offbeat electro-indie pop, Sheldrake composes music for film and theater, and leads numerous music workshops and youth empowerment/nature awareness camps. ~ James Christopher Monger

London, England

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