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About Daisy Chainsaw

Katie Jane Garside was the quirky starlet of the U.K. band Daisy Chainsaw. Her naive stage persona of torn dresses smeared with dirt was a disturbing yet enchanting look into the punk-pop four-piece who had a short-lived spot in alternative music. Joining Garside was bassist Richard Adams, drummer Vince Johnson, and guitarist Crispin Grey, and together the band made their debut with 1991's LoveSickPleasure EP. One Little Indian took notice, signing the band and issuing Daisy Chainsaw's full-length studio effort Eleventeen the following year. Garside left the band soon afterwards, citing difficulty with the pressures of fame. Without the passion of Garside, Daisy Chainsaw was no longer impressive. Grey attempted to keep things going with the 1995 lackluster follow-up You're Gruesome, but the demise of the band was long overdue and Daisy Chainsaw disappeared. Garside resurfaced in the new millennium, again joining forces with Grey for Queen Adreena. ~ MacKenzie Wilson


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