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Dekapitator is a thrash metal band based in San Jose, CA, which was founded in late 1996 by two distracted members of death-gore metal act Exhumed, vocalist/guitarist Matt "Hellfiend" Harvey and drummer Andy Maniac (aka Col. Jones). Together with bassist Dan Bulldoze, the pair began rehearsing early the following year and composing original material inspired by the classic '80s thrash style made famous not only by the many legends from their own Bay Area, but also the German (Kreator, Destruction, etc.) and Canadian scenes (Exciter, Infernal Majesty, etc.). Come 1999, Dekapitator was ready to record a full album, and with death metal veteran James Murphy acting as producer while battling a life-threatening brain tumor, the sessions were much delayed but ultimately gave forth the well-received We Will Destroy...You Will Obey opus. Dekapitator then performed several shows -- most notably 2000's Dismember Festival in San Bernardino -- before being put on ice indefinitely while Hellfiend and Maniac once again busied themselves with Exhumed. In fact, the duo would only find time to resurrect Dekapitator in 2004 and finally unleashed a belated sophomore album in 2007's The Storm Before the Calm -- also featuring rhythm guitarist JasonV "Hacksaw." ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    San Jose, CA

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