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About Destructors

Peterborough, England-based punk band who produced a welter of recorded material in line with the vogueish third-generation punk concerns of pacifism, anarchism and human rights. Animal rights, another favoured topic of the time, was notable for its absence; it was later revealed that one member, Allen Adams, actually worked at an animal research foundation. The band was formed in 1977 from two defunct Peterborough groups. Phil Atterson (guitar) and Allen Adams (vocals) then added Dip (bass; ex-Now) for their first half-dozen gigs, without the aid of a permanent drummer. Andy Jackson joined on rhythm guitar but soon left, taking Atterson with him to form the Blanks. He did at least introduce the remaining Destructors to Andy Butler who became their permanent drummer. By 1979 Adams had quit and he and Butler also moved on to the Blanks. This band achieved minor notoriety when they released an inflammatory single, The Northern Ripper. Released during the days of the Yorkshire Ripper, it earned Adams an interview with the special task force set up by the police to identify the murderer. However, the Blanks dissolved after a disastrous Discharge support, and the nucleus of the band decided to resurrect the Destructors moniker (Allen Adams; vocals, Andy McDonald; drums, Dave Ithermee; rhythm guitar, Dave; lead guitar). Together they made their second debut in August 1981. They went on to release a large amount of unremarkable, sloganeering punk, which did at least have the occasional above-average lyric to distinguish it.

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