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Fink is the recording moniker of Fin Greenall, who started out as a DJ/producer before progressing to making guitar-based folk/blues/indie music. Originally from Bristol, England, Greenall made his first steps in music by recording an ambient/downtempo album with Lee Jones (aka Hefner) that was eventually released under the name EVA by Kickin' Records in 1995. Billing himself as Fink, Greenall signed to Ninja Tune's Ntone imprint and released a pair of EPs, 1997's jungle-influenced Fink Funk and 1998's significantly more relaxed Front Side Blunt Side. These preceeded Fink's 2000 debut full-length, Fresh Produce, which continued in the chilled-out trip-hop direction of Front Side.

Greenall continued releasing electronic music as Sideshow, picking up the tempo a bit and leaning toward deep, dubby minimal techno. He released two Sideshow EPs on Will Saul's Simple Records before Saul and Greenall started the highly successful Aus Music label in 2006. By this point, his work as Fink had undertaken a stylistic change, largely abandoning electronics and focusing on acoustic-based blues and folk songwriting. With the addition of Tim Thornton on drums and Guy Whittaker on bass, Fink became a band, and released Biscuits for Breakfast on Ninja Tune in 2006. Distance and Time followed in 2007, with production work from Lamb's Andy Barlow. The album included the single "This Is the Thing," which was featured in the film Dear John.

In 2009, Fink released Sort of Revolution, which furthered and refined his songwriting and featured a collaboration with John Legend on "Maker." Perfect Darkness, from 2011, was produced by Billy Bush (Beck, Garbage) and garnered enough attention for Fink to be invited to perform with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. This concert was subsequently released as a live album in late 2013, and the studio album Hard Believer was released in July 2014, courtesy of Fink's Ninja Tune sublabel R'COUP'D. A collection of dubs from the album titled Horizontalism was released in May of 2015. Two Fink full-lengths appeared in 2017: Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1 and Resurgam. ~ Steve Leggett & James Pearce

Bristol, Avon, England

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