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A fiercely political leftist punk band formed in Hertfordshire, England in 1980, Flux of Pink Indians comprised vocalist Colin Birkett, his bassist brother Derek, guitarist Kevin Hunter and drummer Martin Wilson. Previously dubbed the Epileptics (later rechristened Epi-X after grumblings from the British Epilepsy Association), in 1981 the group signed on with the Crass label, adopting the organization's dedication to anarchist politics and punk abrasion; soon they issued their debut EP New Smell, scoring an indie hit with "Johnny Kidd."

Upon forming their own label, Spiderleg, Flux of Pink Indians resurfaced in 1982 with the full-length Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible. Not surprisingly, their 1983 follow-up The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks was banned by many British retailers; one Manchester indie record shop which did carry the record was subsequently charged for displaying "obscene articles for publication for gain." A long layoff followed before the group -- now known as simply Flux -- returned in 1986 with the largely instrumental Uncarved Block. They disbanded in 1987; Derek Birkett later founded the influential One Little Indian label. ~ Jason Ankeny

Hertfordshire, England

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