Frankie Jones

b. Greenwich Farm, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Influenced by local celebrities including Brent Dowe, Tony Brevette, Tapper Zukie and Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Jones set his sights on a career as a vocalist. In 1978, he began recording at Channel One and enjoyed his first hit with ‘Sweeten My Coffee’. During the late 70s and early 80s he performed on the live circuit on the fashionable north coast of Jamaica. By the mid-80s Jones was back in the studio recording with Errol ‘Myrie’ Lewis and John Marshall. In 1984, he enjoyed hits with ‘Settle For Me’, ‘Best Love’, ‘Modelling Girl’ and with DJ Screecha Nice, ‘Get Out Of My Life’. A collaboration with Triston Palma, who had enjoyed success as a dancehall vocalist, resulted in recording sessions at Music Mountain and Harry J. The sessions were supervised by Keith Wignall with Robbie Lynn and Sylvan Morris. The productions were released in the UK as The Best Of Frankie Jones Volume One and included ‘Sweet Leoni’, ‘Mr Bad Boy’ and ‘Vegetarian’. The compilation confusingly featured a photograph of the legendary drummer and film star Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace on the cover, with Jones in the background. Trojan Records proclaimed that a Volume Two would be released in 1988 but it did not appear.

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