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Presenting a mixed bag of sound and noise that consists of harsh electronics, sparse post-rock, jagged guitars, and raucous percussion, Gallops are an alternative instrumental trio from Wrexham, North Wales. Made up of Mark Huckridge (guitar, electronics, keys), Brad Whyte (guitar, keys), and Liam Edwards (drums), the group formed in late 2007 and debuted with the bedroom demo "Crutches." The track caught the attention of the U.K’s BBC Introducing radio show. Following this, the group set to work on more compositions and live performances around the U.K. A turning point for Gallops arrived in 2010, when they earned a headlining spot on the BBC Introducing stage at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The year also saw more success for the band when its track "Miami Spider" met numerous synchronization deals, winding up on various European television commercials. The following year, Gallops began to expand their fan base due to extensive touring internationally. The band received many positive live reviews, following performances at the Austin SXSW festival and opening slots for various atmospheric acts such as Battles, Deerhunter, and 65daysofstatic throughout Europe. Work didn't let up for the trio in 2012; performing at the Kaikoo Popwave festival in Tokyo and a headlining tour of China that summer, they also put out their debut full-length record, Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore, via Blood & Biscuits Records. The record garnered positive reviews and resounding acclaim; however, shortly thereafter, Gallops announced that they were splitting up in 2013. After some years, the group made an unexpected return in 2016 with an appearance at Bristol’s ArcTanGent festival and the announcement of a second album. The sophomore effort, Bronze Mystic, arrived in April of 2017. Recorded in Leicester and Staffordshire, the album incorporated more electronics than previous releases. While still boasting searing guitar work and strident live drums, Bronze Mystic also relied on heavy use of drum machines, resonant synths, and new kinds of ethereal textures and soundscapes that injected a new kind of sci-fi vigor into the band's sound palette. ~ Rob Wacey

Wrexham, Wales