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About Gilligan Moss

Gilligan Moss' music has a distinct style that attempts to avoid genre tropes. Moss has described his music ambiguously as "déance" or "garden-disco" and has cited Talking Heads as a major influence, predominantly due to their sense of rhythm and character-based lyrics, the latter of which Moss has utilized heavily in his music.

Moss spent his early life growing up in Chicago prior to moving to New York in search of a career. Eventually he found himself in an "intense" role as a management consultant; it was during this time that he wrote his first single, "Choreograph." The blogosphere picked up on his initial creative endeavors, and the resulting hype persuaded Moss to give up his day job, choosing to produce music full-time instead. After a prolonged stretch in his home studio, Moss eventually emerged with his debut EP, Ceremonial, produced alongside Van Rivers (Fever Ray, Glasser, Matthew Dear), who advised on creative decisions and assisted in the final stages of mixing. Ceremonial was released in August 2015 via AMF Records.

His early success paved the way for some impressive remixes for artists including Sia and Glass Animals, the latter of whom invited Moss to accompany them on their U.S. tour. When it came to performing live, Moss enlisted help from a friend to handle the bassline synths. He also started looking for a drummer to further expand the live experience. ~ Liam Martin

Chicago, IL

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