Rock band Ho-Ag was formed in Boston, MA, in 2001 by guitarists Matt Parish and Patrick Kim, along with bassist Dave Dines and drummer Jon Ruhe. They self-released their debut EP, People Coming Back in Time, in October 2002. Their debut album, Ho Ag Equals Go At, appeared on Mister Records in 2003. The group then replaced Ruhe with Eric Meyer. Simultaneously, Tyler Derryberry, an old friend of Parish's from his adolescence in Ohio, moved to Boston and joined the group on keyboards. This lineup produced the EP Pray for the Worms in February 2005. As they embarked on an extensive tour, Nicholas Ward replaced Dines on bass. Back in Boston, the group wrote songs for their next full-length album, which was released as The Word from Pluto on Hello Sir Records on September 5, 2006. Elektro, a self-released EP, came out on April 27, 2007; it consisted of drum machine and synthesizer renditions of old songs. Doctor Cowboy, Ho-Ag's third full-length album, was released by Hello Sir on May 20, 2008, by which time the lineup consisted of Parish, Derryberry, Meyer, guitarist Kristina Johnson, and bassist Ryan Brown. ~ William Ruhlmann

    Boston, MA

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