Spanish rock foursome Hondonero got involved in Málaga's scene in 1987, playing under the name of Hondonero Blues. Formed by brothers José and Juan Mateo and later joined by drummer Jaime Cordón, the band made its first demo, produced by Tony Carmona, featuring "Quiero Un Trago," "Una Noche Mas," and "R&B," releasing a cassette format record called Legendary Tracks in 1990. Later, Jaime Cordón left the group, being replaced by drummer Antonio Jiménez. In 1995, Hondonero participated in a split EP along with Pesadilla Electrónica with "1993" and "El Largo Final." The band made their first album, called Salto Al Vacío, in 1996, which was produced by Fernando Romero and released in 1997. Afterwards, Felix González took Antonio Jiménez place, Hondonero covered Siniestro Total's "Mas Vale Ser Punky Que Maricon De Playa," for a compilation called La Movida, issuing Blacksoul's Club, produced by Sergio Casale, soon after. ~ Drago Bonacich

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